Wednesday 13 February 2019

Proffered Thighs: a Poem

proffered thighs

pronated palms
approaching bend
in anticipatory arc
moulding to a perfect fit
the outline
of your proffered thighs
smoothing faded denim
over firm flesh
feline acceptance
of the invoked stroke on
skin and muscle
the stout quadriceps
of your proffered thighs
radiating warmth
and virile strength
prepared for perversion’s caress
crotch to pants’ seat
stepping closer
front to back
with vampiric stealth
nostrils to trapezius
breathing in
your man-musk
orbiting hands
gliding under
weighing up
your proffered thighs
pressing solid hamstrings
proving talent
and I begin to grind
feeling your upper legs
tighten under my weight
then taut again
in a few moments
the deed is done
so now I play memory over
your proffered thighs

[Image description: a denim-clad thigh]

Many apologies for the lack of blog-posts. I have several drafts saved and notes for other articles. Alas, I have just not been sufficiently capable of working on my writings due to ill-health. Nonetheless, I wanted to continue my tradition of posting a poem as the first article of a new year. I hope you all are faring well. Thank you for reading.

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