Tuesday 29 May 2018

Cañota, Barcelona: a Review

Please note that this is a review of the tapas-bar cum restaurant on Carrer de Lleida, whose full name is Casa de Tapes Cañota, but is known simply as Cañota.

Staying at the Crowne Plaza - Fira Center (sic) for a few days, whilst my principal carer attended a Pharma conference, I was trapped in the hotel until the evening of our third day. On the evening of our fourth, we strolled the hundred metres or so to Cañota. We were attracted by the Italian-style topiary giving some privacy from the roads to the pavement terrace. Obviously we opted for sitting outside: we were tourists not locals and there were pretty fairy-lights!

 [Image description: seated at table, consuming our main course, with US American fellow diners.]

We were greeted by extremely friendly staff. Our main waiter came from Sardinia, but we were able to communicate in our shared Castillian Spanish and English too.

 [Image description: a couple of images taken from the menu,
including Dani Carnero, one of the chefs, and Tina the cow!]

We were handed the most fun menus I have ever come across, which, because we could not help ourselves giggle and laugh, took us an age to read through. Whilst attempting to make our decisions we ordered G&Ts as an aperitivo. At €8.80 these were pricier than most bars and even on the beach. Nonetheless, they are not British measures, rather a small pail of the refreshing nectar.

My chum ordered Iberian ham croquettes (€3.60 for two) along with toast, pan tostado, (€1.70) which came with tomato to rub into the bread for his starter (top image above) and I the octopus, pulpo a feria, (€11.60) (bottom image above). No complaints. Everything was happily eaten. The octopus had been perfectly prepared, so no rubberiness.

Caring carer chose the cod omelette, tortilla de bacalao, (€11.00) for his mains
(top image above). I opted for the cajita fritos, a small box of deep-fried fish & seafood (bottom image above). This course was not accompanied by wine due to us both still sipping our way through the enormous G&Ts. The top image demonstrates that my companion ate every last morsel. After it was taken I finished scoffing my delightful and delicious sea-harvest.

Surprisingly, despite being quite sated at this point, our affable waiter persuaded us to both have a dessert. Rico, has a huge crush on crema catalana (€6.60) and given we were in Catalonia he decided he ought to try the genuine article made by Catalonians (top image above). It was large enough to probably feed a family of four, but nothing was left on the plate. I opted for an artisanal tea ice-cream (€2.20) (bottom image above), which was both tasty and refreshing, by which I was rather surprised.

The total bill came to €72.70 (June 2017 prices), so with gratuity came to €80 or €40 per head for a three-course meal with drink. For the quality, quantity, atmosphere and service, this was a truly excellent repast.

We definitely recommend Cañota. Also we strongly recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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