Wednesday 30 August 2017

Clubbing with Todd Terry*

Clubbing with Todd Terry*

feel the heat
taste the saline sweat
feel the beat
with the inferior in your chest
both subsisting
within the undying constant
pulse of existence
feel the burn
as muscles go into optimum drive
then overload
let your senses overflow
let your spirit free your mind
let your mind release its hold
let your body take control
ignore the destination
just go
dance to the rhythm
bear the cost in your soul
feel yourself flow
the contours in your sight blur
images contort and slow
no human sound can disturb
salient music incessant
and strangely silent
listen to the loquacious angelic hush
the electronic roar
elation kicks in
synthetic drugs
or natural rush
you soar, you soar
existence where there was none
true being has now begun
you become an addict
but just for fun
seek for
demand more
death will eventually come
for sure
your body in motion
one with all flesh here
your spirit sees the light
God is in clubbing
in Oneness is delight
your mind knows
there is nothing to fear
simple love we share
acceptance with joy
our rubric
in dance
in music
our freedom
we let it show
feeling good
onwards we go
forwards to our tomorrow
good being
and feeling good
in our lives we will know
feeling good in every way
whilst clubbing

* inspired by & based on Todd Terry's "Something goin' on" - YouTube link above

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