Saturday 17 June 2017

Atelier Pan & Cook: a Review

[Image description: the external façade.]

For our final meal in Barcelona, we had wanted to return to our favourite taparía cum restaurant; however, despite the place being almost empty, they were fully booked up. We were disappointed but knew there are many other eateries within my hobbling ability. The previous night we had passed Atelier Pan & Cook as the waitress was closing down. She appeared tired, but gave us a beautiful smile, so we decided to try there next. This time we were not disappointed, we turned out to be the only diners and so were able to choose any spot in the restaurant. We opted for the table where the cool air from the air-conditioning could be most felt.

[Image description: Camilo, the chef & owner working hard in his galley.]

We literally had no idea what type of food we were to be served. We quickly ordered two beers. Refreshing, slightly citrussy, slightly sweet Estrella Damm was delivered to table in goblet glasses (copas ballon). The light beer hit the spot and after a few minutes chit-chat between each other and checking out the restaurant décor - soft industrial - and observing the chef in his wee cell, the ebullient waitress, Mariana, came back and explained the menu.

The speciality of Pan & Cook is a sort of fondue which is served in a small cauldron topped with fresh bread in the form of a mini loaf. The same fillings can also be served atop a crêpe. Neither option appealed to me as I wanted a light meal; but my companion opted for one of the crêpe dishes.

There are three options for selecting from the menu: à la carte and two table d'hôte options, one at €21 or the second at €14. We opted for the cheaper of the latter, simply because we were not that hungry. Included were a drink, the appetiser of the day, a seasonal salad, any main and either a dessert or a coffee.

Aperitivo del dia (image above):
The appetiser was a small pot of delicious mushrooms, simply cooked in a little oil and sprinkled with sea-salt. Delish!

Ensalada de temporada (image above):
Lettuce, radish, cherry tomatoes & avocado with a mustard dressing. Also delicious!

Colin's main course - El ceviche de Atelier (image above):
Cebiche is a Peruvian dish. The white fish used on this occasion was hake - or colin in French!

Rico's main course - Lomo de ternera con salsa de 4 quesos (image above):
This was a crêpe with four cheese & veal/beef

Postre/Dessert (image above):
We both opted for the pear cheesecake. It was a combination of an American-style and a traditional baked cheesecake. Delish AND moreish!

We ordered a glass of rosé apiece to go with our mains and desserts. At under €40 for the two of us an extremely reasonably-priced meal.

Atelier Pan & Cook, has a great, modern ambience. Its clientèle was made up of mainly locals of a range of ages, but two other tourists (from US) also dined whilst we were there. The place was spotless. The toilet is accessible, however there is one quite high step to initially enter the building, which might make it difficult to enter by wheelchair. The WC is not suitable for wheelchairs in any case. Above all, the food is delicious, of very good quality and well presented. Service was spot on.

Highly recommended.


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