Monday 2 January 2017

New Year's Resolution [poem]

New Year's Resolution

your brother was there
but you were nowhere
to be seen
the hour of nine
your usual arrival time
long anticipated
came and went
my heart sank
yet my hopes
were soaring high
quarter past
half past
and still no sign

I didn't see you enter
I just looked up later
and you were there
in the flesh
though pale and gaunt
eyes rimmed
as if with violet eye-shadow
the deep bruising
of sleep deprivation
or alcohol abuse
sitting on a stool
at the edge of the circle
of friends
more like acquaintances
they made no attempt to
draw you into
their conversation
their laughter
I noticed you smiled wanly
laughed once or twice
lost and alone
like so many urbanites
in crowded places

I wanted to come over
and give you a hug
tell you that you're loved
but ever conscious of your
fragile machismo
the barrier to my
soothing your ego
I remained at a distance

one of these days
I will make you happy
or at least I would try
if you'd let me


I have made no resolutions for 2017: my declining cognitive abilities combined with physical atrophying militates against expectations of much more than attempting to survive with a smile upon my visage.

My annual tradition, however, is that the first blog-post of each year is a poem. I could see no reason not to continue with same. I considered posting a poem about partying. However, given the past year, I considered that something a tad more subdued to be appropriate.

Wishing all my readers, occasional or returning, the very best in all your endeavours in the year ahead; happy New Year one & all!

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