Thursday 29 December 2016

Tumblr & M.E.

At the beginning of August I wrote a blog-post entitled "Ads Are Killing Tumblr" in which I explained my reasons for departing Tumblr. However, having pondered how Tumblr currently works, I realised I could still use it and avoid the vast majority of advertisements, especially the moving, flickering ones which give me headaches due to neurological issues. I am not going to publicly detail how I get round the ads; but if one sufficiently deliberates the workings of Tumblr, I have no doubt that one will find a way.

So, one may be wondering why I have come back to Tumblr; what attracts me to the site. Well, if you read the aforementioned article, one will be aware that I have a brain issue. I suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (click on the phrase below for more articles and information), commonly abbreviated to M.E. and known as C.F.S. in the United States. I suffer from progressive aphasia (ICD-10 G31) which leads to an inability to comprehend & formulate language thus difficulties with reading, writing &/or speaking. This symptom without the speech difficulties I also endure is better known as dyslexia (ICD-10 R48), which for me is usually temporary but has lasted for periods of up to six months: sometimes as a result of exertion or post-exertion; at other times for no apparent reason.

Looking at images then means I can continue to stimulate my brain and imagination, even without the abilities to read and write. Also by sharing them, I am able to engage in some social activity (for I am mainly bed-ridden - approximately eighty percent of my time), whereby I can see others sharing the images I have posted to my own Tumblr-blog. For me that is more interaction than I would otherwise experience in my bed-cell. Additionally, this does not drain me emotionally and physically, as would real person-to-person communication and socialising.

Above are some screen-shots of crippledqueeranglo-europeanranter. By clicking on one or other of them, one can obtain a larger image. The site contains images of artworks including paintings, art photography and statuary. I should point out that my tumblr-blog is not safe for work (#nsfw) due to containing nudity and some erotica. So then, if such may shock or even offend the viewer, do not visit my site! Those of you who do take a peek, I hope you enjoy. ;)

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