Sunday 31 January 2016

Fine Art Tattooing

[Image description: upper arms, torso, neck and head of a bearded & moustachioed {mustachioed} man. Across his upper torso is an open-winged barn-owl in flight; a thin, aqua ribbon streaming from its beak; in its claws, a heart with a key-hole centred above the chap's actual organ. His right upper arm has a lobster-red fish or sea-beast in stylised waves.

I have no idea who the © copyright-holder is, despite an image-search; the photograph appears to have been originally posted in the tumblr-blog of carlokali.]

I dis-/like tattoos: so many are æsthetically &/or artistically unexceptional if not downright mediocre (which is not to disparage their personal significance to the bearer; I comment only as an observer). These tattoos above are examples of why tattooing is de facto a branch of the Fine Arts: composition, texture, colour, style, beauty… Stupendous! I should love to see the subject's full arm too. WoW! %O

My personal favourite tattooing styles are those of the Japanese Irezumi artists. A search for the word will bring the interested reader a panoply of wondrous, delightful and stimulating imagery.

One of the pleasures of tattoos, for me, is that - at least where the bearer permits - one can actually touch the artwork. Personally, I find the addition of touch sensation adds to my appreciation of the piece.

Do I have any tattoos myself? Alas, no. My health is too precarious to risk having one. I remain, however, ever hopeful that one day…! %DDD

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