Saturday 14 March 2015

Mediterranean Sushi - Oh Yes Really!

[Image description: CAC Malága with Óleo being to the right of the statue]

On Tuesday gone I headed into Málaga to meet up with a chum. I arrived more than hour before our actual meeting-time. So, I decided to look for somewhere to have brunch. I opted for Óleo (I have not succeeded in getting the website to work; but the reader may have better luck!), attached to the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga, or CAC Málaga for short. It describes itself as "Cocina Mediterránea Sushi Bar" - Mediterranean Cuisine Sushi Bar. This, as the name really ought to suggest, is no Japanese restaurant, rather a purveyor of fusion cuisine.

[Image description: Salmon Tataki]

From a fairly extensive menu, which arrived after about ten minutes (indicative of the slow but friendly enough service), I opted for Salmon Tataki. It arrived a full thirty minutes after I arrived at the restaurant. Given it is merely a salad and there were few diners, I cannot fathom the long delay. I was offered a dish of very unappetising olives (to the top of the photograph). Even my Spanish companion when he arrived averred that he would not touch them either.

The salmon itself was heavenly. It just melted on the tongue. And the sesame was a sprinkle which just gave hits of its flavour, rather like popping-candy. The seaweed in the salad itself was delicious. The mixed salad-leaves were in pristine condition. The cherry tomatoes on the other hand, whilst red and juicy, were somewhat bitter.

The dish, whilst not ruined by it, was rather swamped with an extremely sweet mustard dressing. The mustard flavour itself was a great companion with the other ingredients; but the sweetness was rather cloying.

I would dine at Óleo again; but I would ensure I asked them to go light with the dressings.

[Image description: the end of the meal]

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