Thursday 11 September 2014

Trachtknöpfe Search in Munich

In 1984 in the village of Bad-Vöslau just up the road from Baden-bei-Wien in Lower Austria, I purchased a Trachtjacke produced by Giesswein. Unfortunately a couple of years ago, whilst attempting to circumnavigate the construction-works at Málaga airport, I lost my top button.

Noting that BurgStraße in Munich and its environs contained several Tracht vendors, I set off in search of replacement Knöpfe. I was heartened to discover  Ludwig Beck, a haberdasher’s - Kurstwaren in German - a rarity now in England, but still widespread in Spain.

Yet again I was at the receiving-end of delightful service. The serving-lady gave me all the time in the world to make my selections of the individually hand-crafted horn-buttons (image below), each unique in texture and colouring. I chose three to bring home. After paying, we passed the time of day and then shook hands, despite a constant stream of folk entering and leaving the store. Service with a smile and that gave me a smile. %)

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