Thursday 21 August 2014

Perfidious Treachery

The NHS is important to me;

Social Security is important to me;

Social Services are important to me;

Social Care is important to me;

End-of-life care is important to me;

Justice is important to me;

Public transport is important to me;

Energy is important to me;

Water, drainage & sewage are important to me;

Fairness, equality & equity are important to me…

None of these are important to Tories, save for any profit to be made.

I cannot find any comfortable way in which to say this…

If you vote Conservative you are a TRAITOR:

to British values;

to your community;

to your neighbours;



and ultimately to


Well, that's certainly what I think and feel at the moment. %///


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    1. Thanks, Kimmie; and, thanks for sharing too. As always, very much appreciated. %) x