Thursday 23 January 2014

Dolce Vita, Benalmádena - Review

[Image description the view of Parque de la Paloma from the outside seating at Dolce Vita]

I have just written a fresh review for Tripadvisor of the café-bar Dolce Vita in Benalmádena under the title “New Hands, Just As Fab”. Here’s the text:

It has been a couple of years since last I was at Dolce Vita. It is now in the hands of the capable and affable Elena and Ángel, both of whom will give you a big smile with your beverage &/or food. They will also pass the time of day and have a laugh if you have the time to pause and soak in the Spanish tranquility. Coffees can be made to one's taste and sandwiches are made fresh to order. Try the English breakie (breakfast) with perfect fried eggs - soft yolks in which to dunk one's toast! There is wifi too, a boon to those of us far from home. And a bookcase stacked with tomes to browse. Oh, and some exceedingly clean loos for the fastidious.

The link will also lead one to my original review, “Eat, Drink, Befriend Well”, if one scrolls down.

If on one's travels, one finds oneself in Benalmádena, why not pop into Dolce Vita - you are certain of a warm welcome! %D

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