Saturday 9 March 2013

#ESAendgame: Day Four & A New Task

This time Sue Marsh wants positive reactions and constructive suggestions. Here's your chance to have your say! %)

Today's #ESAendgame request - IMPORTANT

#ESAendgame means exactly what it says.

It's time the people spoke. With one voice and said "Enough is Enough"

We have the evidence - we've had it for years.

People are desperate and our politicians - of all parties - have been too slow to make improvements that would have saved lives and untold human suffering.

We will not wait for another review - we've had 4 official reviews - they've all said the same thing. ESA needs comprehensive change and we are not prepared to wait any longer. If the political system and mainstream media insist on failing us, if they will stand by while this misery is carried out behind a veil of lies, then we MUST act. And we must act NOW. Together.

The dazzling success of The Starting Gun led 450 people to say what they believe is wrong with ESA. What needs fixing. These will form the basis of our demands. (More to come Monday)

Today, I want people to say what ESA SHOULD do. How it should work. What would you like to see change? How could ESA and WCAs be better for you? How can we make them more efficient? Where can we save money? 

Where The Starting Gun was negative, let's be positive. We know what works and what doesn't - we know what needs to change. 

So everyone, sick or healthy, disabled or more able, mentally ill, carers, people with learning difficulties, people with fluctuating conditions and terminal disease, charities, unions.

PLEASE tell us in the comment thread what you need ESA to be and how it should work. What you believe is right and just in a compassionate, progressive society.

If you need a little inspiration, go to the #ESAedngame hashtag on twitter, you'll see some people started to give their thoughts last night.

Again, please can I ask you to stick to one sentence where possible and leave your 
-Name (or pseudonym/social media name) 
-And the one thing you most want to change about ESA This is vital for the success our campaign.

This project will ONLY work if you join in. thousands of us are unhappy with ESA, the injustice, the harrassment, the scapegoating, the fear. The ONLY way ordinary people like us can change things is to show that we have a voice. 30, 50, 100 responses won't do. Thousands of us need to tell the country what we want, what we need. 

Please, join us, leave comments about what change we need from ESA, share, tweet and support. 

YOU will make this work. 

Alone we Whisper, Together we Shout. 


If you're "in" please sign Thank you 

PLEASE, RT, Share and encourage

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  1. And my response:

    Criquaer9 March 2013 15:26
    Colin-Roy Hunter on f/b
    @criquaer on twitter
    Altrincham & Sale West
    Folk on ESA + DLA/PIP should not have to answer the same Q's and the information should be shared with SS so no need to repeat again. Forms should take proper account of fluctuating conditions. Supportive guidance should be sent out with forms giving e.g.s and explanations of terminology. Q's should not be worded to catch one out but to accurately assess one's needs. %)