Thursday 23 August 2012

Bruised Reed

[Image description: video - final scene from Pedro Almodóvar's Hable con Ella/Talk to Her; choreography by Pina Bausch; music by Bau.]

Bruised Reed

swaying sinuously
blown by the languorous melody
arms extend, arc and capitulate
touched by the melancholy breeze
outstretched limbs iterate
repeating once more
they gently oscillate
the curvaceous body
unto itself a beauty
motion and station merge
blurring the distinction
of æsthetic movement and form
another musical surge
muscles flex and stretch
effortlessly ostensibly
legs elongate
into a leap
land and pirouette
no resisting the pull
of unstoppable Clotho
the untiring Dance-Fate
she seduces still
tho’ flesh is now debased
an inexorable atrophy
via ailment, disease and disability
coursing pain
cannot extinguish
the desire to exist
in the moment
in the bend, the turn or spin
spontaneous synchronicity
still there is memory
torturous sometimes
pleasurable occasionally
of lithesome caprice
of physical pliancy
of life lived fully

Si el lector es hablante de español, puede que prefiera mi versión traducida.

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  1. Unfortunately, the video clip appears to have breached copyright (!), so is no longer available. I have, however, found a link to the music, "Raquel" by Bau: