Tuesday 15 May 2012

Black & Grey & White

Most of us in the West tend to think in terms of black & white; in opposites; if not this, then that. This in part is due to our media, our politicians and, indeed, our education systems generally being based on dualism (Dualism). But I would argue that to gain a greater understanding and awareness, we need to take a look at all the shades of grey in between the extremes. If one likes: we should take a much more holistic (Holism) approach to thinking. To this end, I offer the following. Please feel free to comment on the whole or just a single line, if you prefer. %)

There are fathers. There are mothers. What are parents?
There is fecundity. There is barrenness. What are progeny?
There are sisters. There are brothers. What are siblings?
There are men. There are women. What is sex?
There is male. There is female. What is gender?
There are friends. There are foes. What is an affinity?
There is satiety. There is hunger. What is food?
There is wealth. There is poverty. What is money?
There is hedonism. There is asceticism. What is restraint?
There is healing. There is injury. What are wounds?
There is well-being. There is pain. What is health?
There is ease. There is suffering. What is comfort?
There is sadness. There is laughter. What is humour?
There is breathing. There is silence. What is death?
One must strive onwards. Do not strive! What is strife?
There is happiness. There is hurt. What is emotion?
There is joy. There is grief. What is life?
I love me. I loathe me. What am I like?
I perceive all. I perceive nothing. What is perception? 
There is inner me. There is outer me. What is self?
I exist. Nought exists. What is existence?
There are sages. There are fools. What is wisdom?
There are speeches. There are books. What are words?
I know lots. I know nothing. What do I know?
Life is meaningful. Life is meaningless. What is life?
There are questions. There are answers. What is a contrariety?
There is good. There is evil. What is morality?
God is alive. God is dead. What is God?
There is life. There is death. What is the point?
Everything matters. Nothing matters. What is the matter?
There is you. There is me. What is love?

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